CaliMar Pool

CaliMar® Salt Cell Replacement Electrode for Ecomatic Models ESC24, ESC36, ESC48

The CaliMar® CMARCEC54 salt cell electrodes are for use with the Ecomatic ESC OEM Salt Chlorine Generators. They are direct replacements for cell models ESC24, ESC36 and ESC48 (Ecomatic model number M0657USA). The cell housing and cords are sold separately. It is recommended to replace both when purchasing a new replacement electrolytic cell.

We offer these CaliMar® ESC replacement salt cells to give customers a more cost effective and reliable option to replace the OEM electrode from Ecomatic. The greatest benefit of the CaliMar® replacement cell over the other options, such as the M0657USA and those made by CompuPool, is the three-year warranty provided by CaliMar®. Warranty coverage is applied when used with the ESC24, ESC36, or ESC48, or in the newer Ecomatic ESC7000, ESC8000, or the ESC9000 series.

The 13 blades made from high quality titanium is used on the CMARCEC54-3Y creates chlorine enough for pools up to 54,000 gallons in volume. A safety sensor is included in the case of low salt flow to shut down the unit. It also includes an auto-delay feature to let the pump prime at startup. This will prevent the electrode from operating in low water and salt.

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