CaliMar Pool

CaliMar® Replacement Salt Cells for Hayward T-CELL Series

The CaliMar® CMARCHA series salt cells are a generic replacements for the Hayward T-CELL series, meant for use in Hayward Goldline AquaRite, Aqua Logic and Pro Logic salt systems. CaliMar® replacement cells are proven to provide reliable performance after being tested under rigorous conditions. We are proud to offer these products to our customers as a more economical alternative to OEM (original equipment manufacturer) models and other generics.
The CMARCHA cells are plug-and-play units, meaning they fit perfectly with existing Hayward equipment, replacing T-CELLs seamlessly with no additional installation or plumbing required. They are designed to chlorinate pools up to 45,000 gallons in volume and come with a 15-foot cord, providing flexibility in connecting to your existing power center.
  • CMARCHA15-3Y replaces the T-CELL-3 (15,000 gallon capacity) - 3 Year Warranty
  • CMARCHA25-3Y replaces the T-CELL-9 (25,000 gallon capacity) - 3 Year Warranty
  • CMARCHA40-3Y replaces the T-CELL-15 (40,000 gallon capacity) - 3 Year Warranty

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