CaliMar Pool

CaliMar® Replacement Salt Cells for AutoPilot RC-35/22, RC-42, RC-52

CaliMar® is an cost effective way to get a premium quality replacement cell for your AutoPilot system. The CMARCAP series is a direct generic replacement for AutoPilot and all Pool Pilot systems such as Soft Touch, Digital, Total control, AG and Nano. CaliMar® replacement cells are proven to provide reliable performance after being tested under rigorous conditions. These are plug and play units and are meant to perfectly fit all existing AutoPilot equipment without any additional equipment or plumbing required.
  • CMARCAP35-2Y replaces the SC-36 RC-35/22 (35,000 gallon capacity) - 2 Year Warranty
  • CMARCAP42-2Y replaces the SC-48 RC-42 (42,000 gallon capacity) - 2 Year Warranty
  • CMARCAP52-2Y replaces the SC-60 RC-52 (52,000 gallon capacity) - 2 Year Warranty

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