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CaliMar® Replacement Salt Cell Electrodes for CompuPool CPSC Systems

CaliMar® CMARCCE series salt cell electrodes are for use with CompuPool CPSC chlorination systems. They are generic replacements for the various CPSC electrodes, meaning they are completely compatible with all CompuPool parts and system components. The unit housing, unions and O-rings are not included with the electrodes, and we always recommend adding a new cord when replacing the cell or electrode.

We offer CaliMar® replacement electrodes for CPSC saltwater chlorination systems to give customers an inexpensive yet durable and reliable option for replacing the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) electrode from CompuPool. These electrodes also come standard with a two-year warranty, one year longer than that offered by CompuPool.
CMARCCE20-2Y electrode replaces the CPSC16 cell (four blades for pools up to 20,000 gallons)
CMARCCE30-2Y electrode replaces the CPSC24 cell (five blades for pools up to 26,000 gallons)
CMARCCE40-2Y electrode replaces the CPSC36 cell (seven blades for pools up to 40,000 gallons)

 The CMARCCE electrodes' interchangeability with CPSC cells means they are controlled completely by the original CompuPool system power center, yielding a steady supply of chlorine with minimal intervention needed. Periodic cleaning of the cell can also be performed with a simple mixture of water and muriatic acid.

CaliMar® replacement electrodes for CPSC systems also offer the same benefits of the original CompuPool equipment:

  • Default salt level setting of 3500 parts per million, which can be easily adjusted
  • Automatic operation plus battery-powered backup timer for consistent schedule
  • Automatic detection when water’s salt level is too high
  • Intuitive touch pad controls for easy setting of desired levels
  • No-flow sensor, plus high-salt and low-salt fault lights
  • Water temperature sensor to help make salt level reading more accurate
  • Large alloy heat sink to help dissipate heat and prevent corrosion
  • Entire system fully weather protected
  • Winter mode to compensate for colder water being chlorinated
  • Waterproof connectors make installing replacement cells simple

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